Sunday, April 29, 2018

10x tools #2: Clipboard history

Back with  the 10x tools journey! 

Last time I talked about the Kipling method, and this time it is turn for the tool why I wanted to do the 10x talk in the first place. The tool is so simple, yet so useful that I really would not want to work anymore with a computer not having this tool.  

The tool is, tat ta da daa, clipboard history. 

You know how mint windows & mac operating system's clipboard works. Copy something to clipboard, and it is there. Copy something else to clipboard and the previous record is lost. And that is really sucky. As a result of this, you might end up going back and forth two documents copy pasting, or have a separate place to paste intermediate stuff. Or sometimes you might accidentally copy something new and lose the previous item from the clipboard. 

So clipboard history saves you on those cases. But after using it for a while, I've started to use it for other things as well. For example when I see something I think I might need later on, I'll just copy it. If I am editing something that is not autosaved like a web form, I'll take backups every now and then with the good ol ctrl/cmd+c. And if I am deleting something, I don't. I'll cut instead and have it in my clipboard just in case. And then when I need to find "that one uuid" I used yesterday, I'll just go and find it from my clipboard. 

I've been doing more and more programming too, and copy paste is very common there as well. At least when I do it :)

So you really want one of this tools. 

These days I use a Mac, so my tool is currently Flycut - which is not that good as it has quite short memory (91 items) and it only stores text. Alfred costs a bit but will give you longer history and also images in the history + a lot of other useful things I've heard. So I should upgrade to that. 

The only thing I miss from the Windows world (on top of the forced updates and daily reboots :D ) is Ditto, which will give you even history of files, a great search, and great usability. Man I reeeally liked that tool.

So that's it, number 2 of the 10x tester tools. And it's a life changer. 

Don't believe me? Just check these user reviews of flycut from Mac appstore (try to read them in a shopping tv channel voice):
"The only think I can say about this app is as a programmer and a power user, this app has changed my life. "

"Indispensible. I must use this a dozens of times a day - can’t imagine doing without."

So why wait, get it today for free!

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