Sunday, November 3, 2019

Testers of past be the IT stars of the future?

Been noticing two a bit conflicting themes lately.

1. Testers getting (or pushed) to be more technical and write test automation code

2. Articles listing future IT core skills as widely non-technical

So whereas many testers are moving to work more on test automation, the vital skills of the future may be such as:
- Creativity
Analytical (critical) thinking 
Activlearning with a growth mindset 
Judgment and decision making
Interpersonal communication skills
- Complex Problem Solving

Which sounds almost like a list of vital skills needed for an exploratory tester. 

So we should perhaps remind the ones starting a testing career or moving away from it, that also these skills are something that can be quite valuable in the future as well.

Maybe even the most valuable.

1 comment:

  1. First theme is a gut feeling, but to some extent backed by changes in testing and development conference programmes (testing getting more technical, development more soft).

    Second is what I've been noticing in my different feeds, but can be backed up by google search "future skills of IT work" returning stuff like: and

    Or this all could be social media algorithms feeding my confirmation bias. Hard to be sure about anything these days.