Sunday, September 2, 2018

The way our team's work week works

Our normal work week is currently organised like this:

Monday morning, and the #weeklyStartUp

We start the week with a short 15 minute meeting the whole team (20 people) participates, called "The weekly startup". In that meeting we go briefly through our main goals for the week, and decide in which kind of work groups to solve them. People can themselves decide which goals they want to work with, and based on that we decide our work groups.

This goal list is a one page google doc with 5-10 goals, each written in the format of Do what, in order to get why accomplished.

And the goal list is not meant to include everything anybody is going to work on, just the most important goals. We allow and expect people to engage on various other things too, as long as those won't come with a big expense on the main goals.

Monday-Thursday, we work

Work groups have full freedom and responsibility to plan, implement, test, deploy, and communicate what they believe is necessary to accomplish the goal. I usually encourage each group to:
- create a high level plan of what steps needs to happen so that their vision is fulfilled
- visualize and track work in progress in their preferred tool
- do some mob programming OR then sync often

And we have a set of common ideas for group work.

But in the end it is up to each work group to decide how they want to work.

Friday morning, we #showTheTeam

We have a 1 hour meeting called showTheTeam (STT) that is optional but still each team member participates into. Here each work group shows and tells how the goals have progressed, plus anyone can freely show anything else they have done or learned during the week.

Friday afternoon, some #prePlanning

We have a ~1 hour meeting where we try to come up with the goal list for the next week's startup meet. The meeting is also open for all, and usually about half of the team joins. Here we will discuss and debate what we should work on next, with the help of a google doc we call "The list of things", plus people chipping in with other things they think should be done next.


Have fun!

And maybe write a blog post...

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