Sunday, March 18, 2018

Retro for the past week

Keeping up to the deal with my colleague Mili for the total 52 posts during year 2018, this is my sixth one (Mili blogs here  I am not really in the mood of finishing any of my draft versions and do not have solid things on my mind that I would want to write about. So I thought to do a little retro of my past week, with the classic glad - sad - mad pattern. (nice machine to help coming up with other ideas to retro's here btw).

Here goes:

  • personal retro week 11
    • Sad
      • Had to spend very much time on solving issues and questions coming from support and stakeholders
      • A lot of people away from office this week
      • Meal on the lunch on new restaurant sucked
      • Few things on "my own backlog" stuck the whole week
      • Lost a query to a report I did couple of months ago
        that was asked from me again, need to redo
      • Could not do the mob programming sessions I had booked
      • Another problem with Git (root cause was that I had wrong branch as base)
    • Mad
    • Glad
      • Was able to squeeze in a few hours doing some programming on improving an existing feature
      • Tried one new restaurant for lunch
      • We were able to get quite a lot further with the goals in the workgroup I'm in
      • Was able to test and provide some feedback on some things done quite quickly after done by dev
      • Sent out a team stakeholder satisfaction survey, and got high grades on it
      • Came up with a maybe funny idea on a presentation I will give in two weeks
      • Survived one very hard meeting, and got good advice after it from my team members
      • Got help on a git issue once again
      • Tried kanbabflow as a kanbanboard for a workgroup I am in, so far like it
      • Got help from a team member to understand the reason why another one was maybe upset
      • Nice interactions with our support team
      • ( copying the mind map and pasting it as text comes out as a really nice bulleted list. And also the productivity beta version works nicely

Then a few possible action items for next week:
  • Arrange a meeting for showing how I regularly work with support support (with some example case), invite the whole team (or maybe two meetings people split to two) as optional in case someone would like to help there a bit
  • Push some of the things from my "own" backlog for the team to look at
  • Book new mob sessions
  • Start saving the queries I use more often to the useful queries file I have in git 
  • Choose some implementation task for next week too
  • Book a retro for our work group til the end of next week.

That was fun! And I feel a lot better from the past week, and looking forward to the new one :)

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  1. Always nice to read/hear how you experience your working days/week. See that the food is central again:-)