Friday, April 5, 2013

By changing everything, will anything change?

I just resigned from my +seven (wonderful) years spell at Qentinel working as a SW testing consultant, and am now starting as a SW test engineer at Philips Medical Devices.

The biggest reason for this was that I wanted to remain working as a SW testing specialist but change everything else. Here the everything else means that I will move from:
1. Customer acceptance testing role -> Developing our own products
2. Waterfallish -> Agilish project models
3. Business oriented & simple -> Mission critical & complex domain
4. 8000km from developers -> Few meters from developers
5. Consultant -> Employee
6. Non-technical -> Technical

I am really motivated and enthusiastic about the change. And also perhaps a bit scared if nothing actually changes?

I think that the three main root-causes of most of the many problems that I have encountered in my past career have been due to:
1. lack of communication
2. lack of time
3. lack of understanding on why stuff is being done

I have high hopes that these won't be the biggest issues at Philips.

Time to find out :)

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